About Cherianne Dawn


Cherianne Dawn is an intuitive fine artist and symbologist, embracing an ever illuminating path for herself, and for what this knowledge can teach and offer to those who also seek further self awareness.


She has used her life as an artist as a way of capturing and displaying her imagination, using the purity of being in the moment to discover what the art reveals and communicates to her spiritually.


Learning from an early age how enriching the freedom of artistic expression can be, she has created a diverse creative space, opening up many directions in her working methods, and in the projects which she has realised. 


'After graduating with a fine art degree, I wished to keep on evolving the process of my work. I enjoy challenging myself, continuing to follow what I have an intuitive draw towards, and in that way, finding amazing insights which have opened up my world.’


In 2003 she was introduced to a gifted psychic medium who encouraged her to sit in a spiritual developmental circle. In this way, she focused and developed her inter dimensional connection, and discovered her talent for the art of psychic portraiture.


It was during this period that she realised how special a gift it was to be able to sketch out the helpers she was encountering. This ability led to attending events where she worked alongside other psychic mediums to artistically portray their specific spirit helpers, in a way that they could share with others.


It was a profound moment in her journey to encounter and nurture her connection to her spirit guide, Lone Eagle, who had been working with her lifelong, as a soul guide within the field her art.

What she learned at this time gave her a new perspective on her earlier work, which, in retrospect, illustrated that she had been practicing psychic art for her whole life. This awareness was the starting point of utilising her channeling to uncover and investigate many fascinating places.


She fulfilled a longtime dream in creating and opening an online school 'Catching Visions’ with a view to help guide others into developing their own intuition through the power of artistic expression. 


Within this school, the creation of the programme 'The Intuitive Artist' allowed her to introduce many techniques and skills she had employed on her way to becoming a psychic artist, and it has given her a platform to share all that she had discovered in a more practical way.


In this, she has given us a unique opportunity to explore the true hidden artist in us all, and to fully open up the exciting ongoing potential of that.


Through her research of ancient symbology, she found a new aspect to her energy work, and realised the pure transformational effectiveness that her contemporary intuited symbols were having on those who opened themselves up to experience them.


'The results have been incredible and led me to investigate my discoveries, and to teach and continue my work in this field. It has proved to bring so much life changing potential.'


Through course programs, live workshops and individual one to one sessions, her mission is to offer a modern approach in understanding our intuitive capacity, and how this relates to the everyday decision making in life.


The aim is to help in the understanding of how we can influence the energetic value of our own being, using our unique intentions and sense of purpose, and to show how to embrace that as an intrinsic part of our life, with all of the amazing benefits it can bring to the world.

Cherianne Dawn