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What my clients have to say...

"I've known Cherianne for many years and I've always been a fan of her art and her effortless talents. A chance conversation lead me to her Catching Visions online school, and these videos inspired me to try painting after years of constantly telling myself I had no artistic ability. She has given me a relaxed approach to art. It's mine and I can do what I want with it. 
I have a completely different attitude to trying art now. Cherianne has encouraged me and steered me in the right direction. I'm trying out more and more ideas now and I have so much confidence in doing so. It has willed me on to do more and this keeps me going and trying new things. I've started to upload pictures of my paintings to online social media sites and the positive attention and comments my paintings are getting is a massive shock and total surprise.
I didn't think anyone would pay attention but they are. 
Painting has given me something to look forward to. I think without a doubt Cherianne has finally made me realise I can do this and I am having a wonderful time proving her right. I cannot thank her enough for helping to bring this creativity out of me.
Peter Walton, (business consultant)
"Cherianne is intuitive, creative, and enthusiastic. She has that rare ability to transmit spirituality and creativity in a way that is both easy to understand and personal to the individual. As an artist, she is fearless and extremely talented, and insightful. She also imparts these gifts to others. These are great qualities much needed now and in the days to come."
Keith How, (contemporary painter)
"Cherianne Dawn is an amazing intuitive artist! She has the ability to connect deeply with Spirit and to receive in-depth information from both your Spirit Guides and her own and then translate these into breathtaking works of colour, energy, and aliveness. She has a great personality and is very humble and approachable. She explains things in a clear and down-to-earth manner that really makes the world of spirit both accessible and come alive with meaning."
Koru Z, (co founder, ‘Spiritbond’ )
"Cherianne is a truly unique and gifted soul and her art reflects this. She has the rare combination of being extremely talented whilst being very humble. Her art is simply inspirational and her process makes spirituality easily accessible to everyone. After I have been with her or speaking to her, I always find that my own psychic ability has increased and that I have ‘opened up’. I have not had this with anyone else I have met. She has endless patience and brings out the best in everyone she meets. The messages she receives from spirit are always accurate and relevant and she communicates these messages effortlessly. Teaching comes naturally to her and her approach and manner is warm, gentle, and none judgemental. Could not recommend her courses or teaching enough!"
Niamh Phelan, (intuitive tarot reader)
"Cherianne is one of those rare artists who practices spirituality and art and is able to join them. She has such a passion for both, whenever she talks about it you cannot help but listen and you feel like you have to try it or get into it. She explains everything in great detail, but simple enough so everyone can understand. She is sweet, lovely, and has a massive knowledge of life, art spirituality, and science too."
Eszter K , (artist, crafter, tattooist)
"The first time I met Cherianne I described one of her guides hoping that she was receptive and luckily she didn't look at me like a crazy lady, she actually pulled out a piece of art she had done and there she was, the guide that was stood next to her! So that says it all. She simply has a gift where she can put spirit and energy into her art. I didn't need any more evidence than what spirit gave me the first day we met! To teach this to others is a gift that she has in abundance."
Becky W, (psychic medium, spiritual healer.)
"Having known Cherianne for many years, I truly believe others can benefit from her years of creative experience. Her attitude and enthusiasm toward her art is infectious and her skills show great adaptability and progression in many mediums. With her calm and encouraging approach, I feel this course will help to inspire and satisfy even the most novice of artists. Being a huge fan of her work, I can't wait to get stuck in!"
Kirsty W, (co-founder ‘Cyclone Works’) 
"Cherianne has a brilliant flare for creativity and art! She is calm and understanding and fabulous at explaining her ideas and creations in a way I was able to understand."
James B
 "I've known Cherianne now for a number of years, She is very intuitive and always knows exactly what I'm after when I give her my ideas. The artworks she produces are amazing! She is brilliant at listening, always making sure you understand and is very patient too. Highly recommend this fabulous lady!" 
Jade W
"She will show you and explain her ideas and be understanding. Cherianne is amazing as a person and with her work. She never makes you feel down and lifts you up every time."
Sharon R

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