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Animistic Ink

I heard once, that often the soul reason behind experiences in life could only be fully appreciated in hindsight, or coming full circle. I feel my relationship with the art of tattooing has become a prime example of this.

I have spent 20 years working in the tattoo art industry, and around the same consciously developing my psychic awareness and spiritual knowledge.

I have honed my skills of the use of psychic symbology over this time, and have in more recent times looked to collecting external evidence of their power in manifesting and supporting our physical lives.

A tattoo doesn’t only affect our physic body, but changes us energetically, our emotions, our awareness- it is impossible for it to not have an effect on your whole being, both physically and spiritually.

I am specifically interested in how the vibration and frequency of symbology affects your life, and given my experiences, I now understand the place where tattoo art was born - the sacred space and importance it held in many ancient cultures who were more connected to their higher consciousness than many of our humankind are now.

I feel my knowledge of this art has almost come full circle.

Our bodies are made up of layers of what’s known as the ‘subtle body’, these are completely connected, and make up our auric field, our whole self. This is a combination of the energetic systems and centres in ourselves, and, of course, also our physicality.

A natural 5300-year-old mummy from around (Otzi the ice man) scientists have mapped 61 tattoos, that show examples of tattoo symbology which perfectly aligned to evidence of arthritis in his bones. Illustrating the belief that his ink was used as a kind of healing modality, the symbology used had the ability to support at a cellular, biological level, as well as an emotional one.

Every culture from every part of the world, have formed the highest regard for the power of symbology.

The word "symbol" derives from the Greek symballein, meaning "throwing together", as in a moment of synchronicity. It has since our ancient origins, been the integral part of our expression, to illuminate an understanding of our experiences, and to transcend. In this understanding, many ancient cultures often wore their support systems or protection as designs permanently inked into their skin.

This was an effortless way of integrating the symbol, aligning with it's magickal properties for many different purposes in connection of their everyday being, such as for healing, guidance and empowerment. The vibrational value of the design could co-exist within their energetic field to affect and raise, protect, or enhance their existing vibration permanently, and without further thought from themselves.

The act of tattooing changes you at a cellular level, a healing or supportive symbol will be constantly vibrating at a frequency within your energetic systems to create a desired effect. Because this change is not simply aesthetic, but also produces an energetic value within your make up, the tattoo does not need to be seen to provide its magickal properties. it can even be tattooed in subtle colours like skin tones or white, to remain almost unnoticeable to others, but to still guide and guard you along your path.

Not only our ancestors, but also those cultures still surviving and still living a more attuned way of life, recognise the power, and mystical value of the use of symbology in their tattoo art. It’s used as a form of connection to their ancestors, their soul, and their deeper existence in this world.

I am in a unique position, given my experience in both tattoo art and my years of spiritual and energetic development, to offer an exciting and rare service to others.

I connect to an individuals energy field, this allows me to channel a symbol which holds specific value and purpose on the soul’s life path. Parts of you can be awakened through your tattoo art, and in the process of receiving it, which you can access confidence or qualities that have been previously hidden to you in your subconscious.

The aligned design acts as a portal to your more advanced way of being, a key to your subtle systems, and also, let’s not forget, that this will also involve the energy of the tattoo artist who creates their art with you. It is a permanent bond between the artist, your physiology, and your higher consciousness, which is held within the memory of your subtle body, creating a beautiful vibration which will constantly work to align you with your chosen intention.

Intention is everything, not just with regard to tattoos, but also in all that you do - I channelled an important message relating to this, which felt relevant-

Hold your vision of perfection close, but do not live within its walls, as perfection is only your perspective from this moment.

Other elements may be waiting to unfold, that change your view of perfection, so your present aim may actually not always be your ultimate goal.

This is worth remembering when a permanent alignment is to be tattooed on your skin, it’s much more beneficial to be guided by your higher consciousness, either through your intuition, or a medium with the ability to communicate with your higher mind. The things that seem of great importance in one moment, may not be so heavy on your mind in the next. As you journey through your life, the layers of your self, as the complete spiritual being, unfold. As you recognise and shed the conformities of general opinion and childhood conditioning, your true self blooms and shines.

This inner sense of self and purpose is a beautiful thing to uncover and embrace through using the power of your ink to raise your conciousness and your vibration. Because it’s this heightened state of being that will invariably magnetise a life of greater fulfilment, joy and blessing towards you.

The tattoos you choose does not just change the aesthetics of how you look, but have the power to physically affect your life. It is something to consider when nonchalantly picking out a piece of flash art to wear within the skin, it may have more of a profound effect on your life than ever imagined.

There is an honour and beauty to that consideration,

in how your ink could serve you well and miraculously empower you on your life journey.


About the author

Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

Life Path Alignment & Symbolic Support with Cherianne

'An insight into your present to empower your future.'

She has an online intuitive school 'Catching Visions'

guiding conscious beings to expand their spirituality

and nuture their creative flow.

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