Apex Stones, Animism, & the Law of Attraction

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Every so often a simple walk can develop into a deeper, unexpected insight.

I have gotten used to interactions with the energy of nature, the regular downloads or greetings from the energetic consciousness of trees and rocks.

I’ve found, even the currents of the sea, and their job of taking nutrients to the fish, have a specific purpose, and an individual consciousness, which flows within, and as part of a greater force.

I discovered this during a reading for a lady who was relatively new to spiritual concepts, and having the information that her father had been reincarnated as a current in the ocean, to help nourish oceanic life and our world. It was a difficult message to get across when it's so beyond an average understanding for a reading!

Some information is too esoteric to have any comfort in sharing or receiving for those who have not spent so many years in spiritual connection as I have.

I found afterwards that her father spent his time walking on the beach, and was at his happiest there, so it made sense that he would leave his physical life to serve the greater good of the oceans. But probably not the information the lady was expecting to receive, non the less.

Animism, the belief that all things have a conciousness, is sited as the most ancient religion/ belief system. In the openness and receptivity of an uncluttered mind, it would have been easier to be consistently connected with these messages from nature on a daily basis. I would imagine that, over time, the increased chaos and complication of the human condition would have gradually overrode these delicate conversations and left them seeming like silence.

I was on Dartmoor, and sitting against a rocky outcrop there, and I was conversing with what I can only describe as the essence of the landscape. I love, and live, to investigate in this way, these energies have been there so long by our limited understanding of time!

It’s a constant interest to me what will transpire in the interaction, and what I will find out. I explained that I couldn’t possibly imagine existing in one form for such a long period of time, and I was answered,

‘Time passes softly when you are a rock’

I love this, it said so much in such a few words.

When you have the fortitude of something that has probably been there since the beginnings of our planets existence, I suppose everything else, even the passing of time, would seem very gentle in comparison!


I have the benefit of a bonafide investigator as a husband! Lee finds great excitement in researching and following clues, sourcing information surrounding any downloads I may have had. This has often served to reinforce my belief in truths of the communication, and I am grateful for that, as my joy is in the moment, and I know I wouldn’t have the patience to follow up and unravel information the way he does.

An example of this was when he was made aware of a large stone boulder which was on a path at a tourist location and quoted as being deposited there, a 'glacial erratic rock' from another place, during the ice age shifts. When we recently visited this National Trust site, we came across it so I placed my hand on the stone. I firstly picked up on the letters 'tz', Lee researched the rocks mottled pink/beige colour and it looked exactly like Quar(tz)ite. There was an unpronounceable word I picked up on that I could best describe as of a Welsh dialect. He found that Quartzite is one of the oldest rocks in Wales and is found in the extreme north west on Anglesey and on the Lleyn Peninsula. They are precambrian in age and were pushed up from the ocean floor in the earliest parts of the earths history. Very likely from where it originated from. I was then surprised that I could see a very clear vision of a cake, like a Bakewell tart without the cherry! Reaffirming this connection with Wales, he found that a Welsh cake looked very similar to that, and that it is also known as Bakestone cake. His later investigations found they were originally baked on Sandstone, of which Quartzite is derived from.

By receiving what might first seem a strange and random mix of information, it was very precise as it turned out.

It was one of these such moments that I was told about Apex Stones.

But the ramifications of the information was a little more expansive.

I was taking a morning walk at Blackstone Edge, a place I go regularly...I never tire of the way the huge stones glitter and glisten, especially in the sunlight.

There was a stone which Lee noticed that looked like a pyramid, in that it’s triangular point was directed straight upwards.

We were corrected, it’s not a pyramid, it’s an apex stone.

We’d never heard of this term, but I made a note to try to remember it for later.

This morning, I was reminded of this whilst I was journaling, and this is what inspired me to write this entry. Rather than try to rewrite the information in my own words, it seems easier to quote it. I’m not professing to understand everything that I am told, but rather I have an inner knowing which grounds my trust in the information which I channel.

‘ Apex stones are everywhere. They draw energy from the stars to feed the power within the earth. There are (what we call) ley lines between the stars and Earth, as well as networked over and through it.

Energetic ‘chunnels’, channels which tunnel through all matter, space and time. Deja Vu experiences can happen as they interconnect.

Occurrences of great magnitude can be caught in their ‘flux’.**

This is a constantly moving network of interlocking vibrations and directional frequencies.

They dance in time with the thoughts and feelings of humankind.

This is the law of attraction at its base value, it’s perfectly positioned interchanges, supports and reinforces.

How lucky you are to be privy to the knowledge that the whole existence of man is a force of their own making, but within the confines of the laws of nature.

Nature will always be victorious, be sure of that, it’s pure egoless connection with source will almost guarantee it’s continued success. The damage you cause will almost certainly end up simply a blip on the landscape. '

** Meaning an energy flux, the rate of transfer of energy through a surface.

The question that remains, is whether humankind will be graced with being part of that landscape...or not.’


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