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Attunement Ceremony- clearing the way to everyday magick!

Updated: Apr 30

Since realising the potential of the symbolic alignments, and the efficiency, and often unexpected ways in which they work, I have been putting my attention on how to make them more powerful.

When using the symbols personally, I often use practices which I have not yet incorporated into the Tattoo process, but now I am feeling a great urge to offer this additional service to whoever the idea may call to.

I find that I am intuitively drawn to the best way to activate the symbols, often using directed light energy and more recently using a very specific crystal, which was given to me as a gift.

The crystal apparently called out to my friend, as she was leaving to see me one day, and requested to work with me. With what has transpired since, I am happy she did.

I rarely work with dowsing crystals, so at the time its importance was unclear to me. But this crystal has since proved to be incredibly attuned to consciously following the lines of any symbol in order to activate it, in an incredibly compelling way.

In order to share this revelation, I asked my guidance for practice that I could share which could make the process of this intentional tattooing  practice to become greater and more effective.

It’s all about clearing blockages to the intention I was told, and I was then given a process and guidelines through which I could clear blockages alongside the blessing and clearing of the space and the equipment.

In my experience, we are all intrinsically aligned with the highest manifestation of our experience here, and the work that needs to be done to live this life is more about clearing the blockages to that reality coming into play, rather than chasing to acquire it.

My beliefs and views regarding energy work are extremely expansive, so although I have my guidelines in place, and my personal favourite practices for this kind of energy work, the actual ceremony with respect to a client is very intuitive and highly customised to each individual’s energy. I regularly use a series of tools, and choose the method which is the most comfortable and the most in line with the beliefs of the client and also the method that I believe will be the most effective for clearing the way for that specific symbol to do its work.

These could include direct energy transfer, crystal activation, kinesiology, environmental clearing, emotional freedom technique, or being drawn to a particular set of Oracle cards to give a specific message, or all of the above, alongside the symbol being used in the Tattoo ceremony. I don’t specialise in card readings as such, but find that spirit will often draw me to a particular deck and card if the message on the card easily voices quite specifically to the message needed at that time.

I like to allow around two hours for the process, but this may be slightly less, if the resistance to the symbol and the method of clearing is very concise, to needing more time to get to the root of the problem and create a way of resolving it.

This is very inline with the ancient origins and traditions surrounding the beginnings of this art form, and I feel honoured to be able to revisit the ideals of this within my studio.

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