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Below the Surface - A Whale Communication

I have been requested to actively share some of the channelled information which I am receiving, so here goes-

As a prelude to this, lately, I’m being drawn to the South Coast of England, which is funny, as I was told years ago in a communication with spirit, that that is where my family would end up living. It didn't seem that likely at the time, but my partner and I aren’t adverse to making big life changes, so who knows?

I’ve also been told many times that I’d be integral in work to for in protecting our ocean in the saving of whales. I do feel a connection with this at some level, I was very badly affected by seeing whales in a sea life show a few years ago.

I would quote that my whale watching trip in Iceland to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. ( which is surprising as I’m actually terrified of water, especially open water, and had to medicate my self to get on board!!)

Here is a shot of a young Minke whale taking an

interest us, here skyhopping, which we were told

is a rare thing to see.


I felt myself being taken to the coast there, like a meditation, but I hadn’t consciously put myself in that headspace, I was actually chatting to my other half at the time.

I clearly had a visual of under the sea, a short distance out from the coastline. I saw stone arches on the sea floor, fish happily swimming around them. They were very old and degraded, like remnants of an ancient building. There were also steps, and interestingly, I came across what looked like a medieval sword only half exposed.

It kind of reminded me of the story of ‘the sword in the stone’, but it was more like it was buried in solidified silt than plunged into stone. The blade had symbols along the length of it, similar to runes, but I couldn’t really say exactly what they were. (I feel I would need to intentionally and mentally revisit this place further in the future to take specific note).

There was a white rabbit, which I see as ‘follow the white rabbit’ ie, a guiding light to investigate.

The whale indicated that it belonged to a civilisation lost because they didn’t honour and listen to the animal kingdom.

A whale told me that this was a place of clear communication. It was demonstrated by an illustration of a strong energy flow, it looked like a bolt of blue lightning which travelled parallel to the direction of the coastline from a westerly direction towards the east, across the sea bed, around 20 meters from the shoreline.

I decided to reconnect with this area later, and try out speaking into a voice transcriber, to document what I could see along the way. I felt that this may be a way of not missing details which could prove interesting to research at a later date.

However, I think it was a success! I would never spend the time writing the experience down in so much detail, or probably even be able to remember it that well, so I will definitely adopt this method more in the future.

This is my first ever voice transcription of a meditative journey.

I did have to go back and punctuate it, also alter a couple of words which had clearly been written incorrectly, so I decided to make a point of speaking more clearly next time to save time later.


The whale is taking me under the sea, to share this information which is being given to save our planet by saving the whales.

He is taking me deep into the ocean now...

I can see an octopus is inviting me into his body, it’s almost like a doorway into his body, and looks like a wooden door, like it almost like a garden gate to be honest. But it’s green, I would say like a hobbit door but pointed at the top.

Opening it, i can see concrete steps downstairs, going down very far down, the stone steps, spiralling down, really really deep, to the bottom, and there is a Concrete floor.

But as I look up, I can see archways, countless archways, not all in a line, but going off in all different directions, like a honeycomb of big, concrete archways. They are about, I would say, about 15 foot tall as you go through them, and then they get bigger and bigger as you walk through the honeycombs.

The rooms are getting larger, and some of them are now like church arches, massive, probably, I don’t know 40 foot tall ?

Its big, massive - it looks like inside of the cathedral and there is this something that is set into the floor. It’s got squares on it and there are big gemstone set into each of these squares, like a massive diamond cut ruby, red, green, blue, yellow, each in a square, in a line down the middle of the inset rectangle.

It’s set into the floor, it has a frame, about coffin size, but it’s set into the floor. Reminds me of a coffin because of it looking like the tomb stones in the floors of religious buildings.

It’s an activator apparently. It’s an activator for health? Maybe something to do with health?

Not entirely sure what it activates, and it looks really deserted, everything is very drab, as if it’s deserted, there’s nobody there other than myself.

There’s kind of little studs of diamonds, diamonds like cat’s eyes, that are lighting the way. There’s not so much light, but they’re taking me through on a pathway.

It’s like it’s a light so as to light it up, because obviously it’s way down here, so there’s not gonna be light, there is no daylight.

It is a bit dingy, but it’s ok, you can see where you are going. The whole place is lit right up to the ceiling, you can see paintings on the ceiling. It almost looks just like a cathedral, with paintings of cherubs on the ceiling and The style looks quite Michelangelo like.

There are big lights hanging from the ceiling. They are circular lights, like chunky wooden old candelabras, with lights around in circles and hanging on chains.

Now there’s a massive room and there is a whale in there, but I feel like he’s there to speak to me- he looks like a killer whale, in all honesty, he looks like a dolphin crossed with a whale, because it seems like he’s the shape of a dolphin, but he has the colouring of a killer whale.

He says, ‘we are trapped, trapped down here’. The stone arches are going over his back and he can’t move. It’s very hard to look at actually, he can’t move. He is turning more into a dolphin colouring now, but huge and so massive in size, and he said that they need to escape.

‘I need freedom’ - it’s like they’re not dead, they’re aware that they’re trapped, something needs to break the concrete arches that are holding on to them, so I’m asking him ‘how can you escape ?’

He said that the concrete arches are energetic bonds that humankind have put over his species, and it keeps them stuck. From where I’m standing, it looks like you need a sledgehammer to smash them, it looks like they would be really difficult to break because there’s not just one holding him down, there’s a good four or five of these huge concrete arches around his body.

But he must have read my mind, and said, ‘that’s not true, it won’t be difficult. It’s more like introducing something small which rots the concrete from the inside out, there is no force involved in breaking the arches, there is no hard work, just lots and lots of very tiny particles, like a virus.

To overtake somebody with bacteria that infiltrates, takes something strong and weakens it from the inside, until it just crumbles away with no effort.’

Now he is showing me woodworm. Woodworm inwardly - they’re happy. They’re happy breaking the wood down, they’re very happy breaking down the wood - it’s like little tiny thing, little tiny activities, or little tiny events, can create a chain of effect. But one to enjoy, it’s an enjoyable chain of events- like the woodworm enjoying eating the wood, the chain of events is enjoyable, one where they all work together, so that the concrete boundaries will crash down easily and the dolphins can swim away.

And it will free the marine life and free the Earth.

The air and the ocean isn’t working as a whole, the ocean is working in parts and it doesn’t work at all that way.

It’s like a car engine, you can’t have parts of it working, parts clean and looked after when another part of an engine is neglected and dirty, not working and seized up, and expect the car to run.

The whole engine has to work as one for the car to run.

The WHOLE earth has to work for the Earth to work to be here to survive, otherwise it will break down like a car that has a part of it that’s been neglected or broken.

Sometimes it only needs to be a small part that is broken for the whole system to break down.

When humans realise that everything is important, then things will work properly and be more FreeFlow again.

The food we eat is vibrational, and important to how we think, how we live, and the decisions we make. How the food is grown is important to the vibration of the food, the soil is important to the food growing, the animal life in the soil is important to the soil, the Earth is important to the animal life that lives within the soil.

It’s a chain, every tiny element is as important as every other element.

There is no hierarchy of importance on this earth, or on any planet for that matter.

This is work that you need to be doing with much more clarity and direction, which is why we are calling you to the sea.To sit at the seaside with your feet in the waves, to feel the vibrations of our information and our knowledge, to pass it on in tiny amounts, to create waves throughout humanity, and to make people realise that every cow that suffers in it’s slaughter, every plant that is polluted with a pesticide, every tiny element of this amazing beautiful world that we live in is in jeopardy from tiny thoughtless acts.

Thoughtless remarks are bad feeling between humans carry an energy. The energy is as bad as pesticide. Bad feeling towards somebody else is like poison to you, and if they are sensitive, to them also. It is also poison to the Earth that you’re standing on, poisoning the air that you’re breathing out. The trees are then taking in that carbon dioxide polluted by your thoughts and actions.

Everything is connected, everything is whole, living and moving breathing, living organism.

Everything has life through energetic frequencies and vibrations.

This is enough information for today. This needs to be recounted- keep on with your symbology it is integral and far-reaching and it is important.

Keep in contact with like minds, keep talking to like minds, keep writing and taking logs of your information. It must be shared. Paint what you see beneath the waves, someone may recognise it’s relevance and listen to what we are saying.

This message is already spreading throughout your kind, this message is already infiltrating but it is being downtrodden and stamped out because of the selfish needs of the few.

This can be poisonous to the whole earthly system.

This planet is on track for recovery, revival and refreshment. It is looking good, but there is still work to be done, there are still steps that have to be taken, there is still knowledge that needs to be known.

Now, return, thank you, next time we will say more.

I touched the dolphin, and he said ‘you’re human touch is most welcome. Human’s inherently are beautiful light beings, it’s simply a chain of events which has gone the wrong way and it is not too late to change direction.’

I feel like now I’m being pulled back through the arches, I’m not walking on the floor, it’s more that the water is pulling me back through and upstairs.

It’s funny because there wasn’t any water there when I was walking around, but I feel now the water pressure pulling me up the stairs, so I’m back on the seabed, and the first oyster of a row of closed shells is open.

There is a black Pearl inside, about the size of a bowling ball. I pick it up and I’m pulled back to the surface of the sea, and back onto the beach.

The pearl is now wrapped in gift wrap with a purple silk bow.

I’m told it’s a gift, a gift of wisdom,

a pearl of wisdom for humanity, for me to share.


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Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

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