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Dream Hacking - 6 ways to power up your dream state

Following my story, ‘ Journaling and Timeless Synchronicities’, I decided it may be useful to list a few pointers with regard to ‘dream hacking’.

Dreams are often blurred, confused or easily forgotten, so here’s a few tips to get the most out of that sleepy time connectivity!

Remember, your dreams are messages for you, and often also from you, on a subconscious level, or from a higher perspective.

This means that their messages cannot always be translated simply by looking them up in a generic dream dictionary.


However, to help set you on your way to discovering more about what your dreams may be trying to tell you here are 6 methods to decipher sleep state messages.

1. feelings are just as important as imagery -

did you feel a sense of urgency, fear, elation or excitement in your dream? Eg, someone with a phobia of spiders will feel differently to someone who sees them for their spiritual meaning, which includes weaving your own destiny!!

2. animal / plant /object messages-

although I have mentioned always being mindful that you look at your dreams from your own point of view, documented ideas on meanings can often be really useful to look up for direction, especially if you are not yet at a point of realising your own points of reference. There are quite a few variations on different meanings for similar animals or situations, so try to be intuitive to the meaning you place on your dream, see what feels right from all of the different perspectives that you have access to finding out.

3. don’t put a linear time limit on the manifestation of the dream-

there is no time in spirit, I have had very specific dreams foretelling events which happen two years later. The dream I related to you earlier was written down seven years before, but it did come back into my mind when I moved into the house, and it has been there as a background thought since I’ve been there.

4. there’s usually a trigger which links dreams to the situation it may refer to-

On this occasion, for me, it was seeing the balustrades on the house, they are very prominent and they specifically caught my eye and rebooted my past dream immediately. This can lead to further investigation as why the past dream could be relevant at the time of remembering.

5. if you have strong feelings when waking from a dream, write it down!!-

However, even having done this, I still didn’t return to my old journal to re-read what I had written until guided to.

To be honest, I’m not sure I’d have found it that easy to find in my huge stash of journals, lucky I was directed to it by being shown the cover of the journal, and the type of pen it was written in.

* This leads me to mention that it’s a good idea to journal in different colours or styles, that way, if your higher self or a spirit helper wants to direct you to look at any particular information, you may have an easy visual prompt to pinpoint the relevant pages or books, if your intuition tells you to go looking. I have found this beyond useful on many occasions! *

6. look for symbolic representations which repeat themselves-

for example, it took me a while to realise that any dream I had with a fish tank involved meant it was about my work place. I did have a fish tank in my studio, but it didn’t stop there. I have been having’ fish tank’ dreams for years now, and they are always absolutely spot on!

For example, I had an artist who was apparently very over bearing. I wasn’t aware of this, but I had a dream that a turtle was in my fish tank and was holding the other fish to the floor.

Knowing that these dreams had proven themselves to be reliable, I asked a member of staff if everyone was getting on well. It was confirmed that one person was being very difficult, and insisting on working in a way that was very overbearing to the other artists. This particular member of staff was quite a relaxed, gentle person in general, but was being completely domineering in one certain aspect. So a turtle seemed to fit perfectly. He wasn’t a boisterous or loud energy at all, just being strong willed with regard to something which was keeping the other staff working out of their comfort zone.

I’ve had fish tanks with dirty water when something is being neglected, and fish in tanks too small when we’ve needed to move- endless help and pointers to action which needs to be taken to move forward. So watch out for repetitive themes, they may be a representation of an element of your life- although it may be a while before you make the connection, when you do, the help can be invaluable in a difficult situation.


So, in conclusion, please don’t dismiss potent dreams as unimportant, but, also be aware and flexible on the who’s, why’s and definitely the when’s, that they may become relevant to.

Your dream system is a beautifully open channel to your subconscious, and your higher guidance.

Treasuring this and giving your dreams the importance they deserve can often be your first step into development of your psychic intuition!

Sleep tight!x


About the author

Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

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She has an online intuitive school 'Catching Visions'

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