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Gradual alignment and remote healing

Recently a family member was expressing concern over someone close to us, and her desperation to change their habits.

As a rule, I will only send energy if I have been expressly asked to do so, but being as this person, and the person holding the concern we’re close to me, I committed to use remote healing to try and help make a significant change to this persons outlook on their overall health.

Symbology is simply energy alignment, and energy can be projected, very efficiently with practice, towards a person or situation. I will often apply this in my business if I see a potential problem arising, to nip any issues in the bud.

I am planning a small introduction to how to achieve this in the near future, so keep tuned in if that’s something you may be interested in.

So I channelled a symbolic alignment created especially for this person, and, along with Lee, we both directed it’s energy into his field, often called remote healing. This is a method of healing where you can connect and send intentional light energy to another's energetic field.

It’s important to remember that whatever you think or feel creates an energetic reaction, which will transmute to the subject, whether you intend it to or not.

As I was often told in my circle sitting days, ‘there is no time or space in spirit’ , this leaves the opportunity wide open to send and restore energy to a third party from right now, wherever you are, just by a simple thought. Let’s not forget, even in their fleetingness or simplicity, thoughts are powerful things.

The symbolic representation of his health mindset transformation was incredibly intricate, this tells me that there are lots of levels that need to change, and that alignment may be gradual. I asked the family member to look out for small signs, as the pointers to transformation taking place can be missed if there's an expectation of things working themselves out in a different way.

It’s a good idea to never try and predict how the changes will take place, as it may slow down the process by you trying to direct a situation down a particular route, rather than letting the universal energies take the situation down different, and possibly more efficient ways.

When I asked if any differences had been noticed a few days later, I was, with an air of resignation, told not.

However, the following weekend my husband and I were visiting overnight, and we were very happy to see exactly what I expected, those all so important signs and small alterations of new intent going completely unnoticed!

We don’t visit too often, and our unaware subject always instigates a whisky nightcap, and always, (and I mean for years!) brings in a half tumbler of his favourite tipple. But, on this day, he shocked us both by returning from the kitchen with a small shot glass.

Seems a small thing, but massive in its implication. It was an un-instigated change of habit.

In the morning, he was asked what he wanted on his packed lunch, and specifically asked for ‘no cheese’ to be put on his ham sandwich. Cheese is one of his favourite foods, he would always have it with everything! Completely oblivious to the implications, he was then subject to so much persuasion! The person who was so upset in the first place was going to great lengths to persuade him to add cheese to his ham, because she thought it looked plain and he wouldn’t enjoy it! Even then he was absolutely adamant that he did not want anything but plain ham.

At this point, I had to intervene in the kitchen to point out that he was trying to make a healthier choice, and she was in fact, blocking it!

Maybe she was expecting him to suddenly get up one day and don running shoes and go to a gym, I’m not really sure! But the most powerful changes come from small but sustainable changes of habit.

The next breakthrough was in the form of a change of footwear. We had bought him a pair of good supportive walking shoes, a kind of cross between an outdoor pursuits type of shoe, but which were smart enough for formal wear for his company job. Given that he’s on his feet all day, we were hoping he would wear them for work to give him a bit of support, and hopefully put some bounce in his step.

They had been in the box literally since we’d bought them for him 10 months ago, but he has just started wearing them. There was no reason that anyone could put their finger on, he just simply had a sudden urge to give them a go. These will be so much more beneficial to how he carries himself throughout his day, and even state of mind can be linked to posture.

Try it out, pull back your shoulders and straighten your back, see how much more clear and focused you feel than when you are slouched in a chair.

So, this is a perfect illustration of how an alignment may look in real terms. How small increments of change will eventually add up and build towards an end goal.

Be open to looking at life in more subtle ways, to appreciate the small efforts that people make. These little changes often take more determination than a big move towards a goal, because no tangible, positive effect may be seen from them in the very short term. So they are easy to dismiss and think to yourself, ‘maybe tomorrow’.

It again opens up new possibilities

in the efficiency and effectiveness of both symbolic alignments and also the power of remote projection healing.


About the author

Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

Life Path Alignment & Symbolic Support with Cherianne

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She has an online intuitive school 'Catching Visions'

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