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Health vitality...Joie de vivre! Exultation!

  1. 'The darkness of the light.' - Calm, clear, open mind clearing past blocks to healthy happy existence among other humans and species.

2. 'The cease of bondage' - Behold! The light within! Shine, shine, exude your brightness to all around - be and hold space for happiness, health and clarity.

3. 'All powerful mind & body' - There are two ways to look at health - the physical and the emotional. Emotions are bound to the physical in a way which extends and magnifies all ill's from the internal conditions. This alignment clears the bond between conditioning and health.

4. 'All is good, great & eternal' - The best and brightest is yet to come! When your mind opens to the idea of this, you cease to join your numerical age and your wellbeing. Age is a measure of experience of life, not a factor in health. this alignment is a perspective opener.

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