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How do psychic powers actually work?

I was asked this question directly today, from someone who wanted to know more about psychic ability, but who felt like they were at the beginning of their spiritual journey.

I can be a little guilty of ‘over dressing’ things, or using terminology that isn’t readily understandable to a lot of people. Although I am aware of this, I still lapse into information that I don’t realise is a step too far into the unknown for many, who, despite being like minded souls, and accustomed to spirituality, haven’t yet been acclimatised to information channelled from a higher conscious point of view.

Does everyone know what I mean by higher consciousness??

Those who do, think- 'of course!’

Those who don’t think- ‘I’m not going to get a grip on this, or ‘oh god, it’s all that hippy stuff again’

(that is often what my son says, but I think it’s maybe a way of him not getting overwhelmed with the idea of it, as actually he is soooo obviously very psychic!)

I am going to try to break things down into simple ideas and descriptions, I really would love to open more souls up to the greater reality which is so easy and available for them to adopt as their own.

I have the ability to bring information from my higher friends and guides who have a further expanded perspective than myself, so my information is often a direct re-wording of their input.


Point 1, we are all spiritual, whether we think we are or not.

You don’t need to try to be spiritual, you already are.

We are a melding of energy, which binds to form the matter that our physical bodies are constructed of, (atoms vibrating at certain frequencies to create what we perceive as solid form) and consciousness.

Our consciousness cannot be contained within our body, but it manifests through it.

(our consciousness is not from within our minds, but rather our consciousness fills our physical form, and also extends way beyond it, linking energy flows with other people, places, and even other dimensions)

This is what we often acknowledge as our ‘higher consciousness’, our ‘soul’, or often called our ‘higher self’.

Our consciousness uses our physical body to live and interact within this physical life, it needs maintenance, nourishment, and on a technical level, is an organic mechanism of extreme genius. Even the smallest elements, for example, the pores of our skin, have the utmost importance within the working of our bodies.

(think of what would happen if one bolt fell from a car engine, or you added the wrong type of fuel)

So we are all spiritual beings, and part of us is living in a physical body.

Point 2, we all have the ability to access information psychically, or to communicate with those spirits or beings who are not in the physical with us.

This form of communication is not reserved for the ‘special few’

Like learning to speak, or translate language into what is meaningful to us, we often need to give this inter-dimension communication a bit of effort.

Like a child who is predisposed to learning spoken languages, the language of drawing, or even the language of mathematics, some of us do have a leaning towards this method of communication, and find psychic development easier or quicker than others.

But anyone has the ability to learn another language, mathematical principles, or a way to express themselves creatively, given the time and the motivation to do so.

There are several ways of intentional development. I sat in a traditional developmental circle, for many years, and many years ago, but more recently have concentrated the integral connection between psychic/intuitive connection and creative expression.

(This is what my course ‘The Intuitive Artist’ is all about.)

Point 3, your mind works like a radio, it can transmit, and receive signals.

Psychic pictures, sounds or feelings are received when you tune your mental radio to a certain frequency.

It has always amazed me that many people are reluctant to believe that transmissions can be picked up with the incredible electromagnetic connector that is your body, but will take it as normal that a signal to a simple transistor radio is perfectly acceptable.

(Feelings, emotions and images are translated from different stimulus by your brain.

For example, your eyes don’t exactly ‘see’, they transmit information to your brain, which in turn , forms an image)

The part of your brain called the pineal gland is often associated with psychic visions, and referred to as your third eye.

This is not far from the physical truth, this gland contains rods and cones, similar to the receptors in your eyes, which can relay messages to your brain which can then be translated into visual information.

This gland has no access to your exterior situation visually, so works as a middle man for your imagination, your dreams, and any psychic input that you are in tune with.

So, with practices which allow you to control, or direct your brain frequency, such as meditation, you can actively develop your awareness and learn some control in the ability to retune yourself to receive any signals which your pineal gland may be open to.

Point 4, your electromagnetic transmitters are not solely in your brain.

You have three main ‘brains’, very basically

Your head deals with problem solving

Your heart deals with your soul alignment

Your digestive system deals with your self preservation

How many times have you heard, ‘my heart says yes, but my head says it’s a bad idea’.

This is not too far from the truth, in fact your heart have more neuron pathways than your head, so is , in effect, a much more powerful motivator in many situations.

How many times have you heard , ‘I had a gut feeling’?

True, your gut will tell you if something is amiss, or makes you feel unsafe. It will help you to preserve your life on an energetic level.

All of these areas can pick up vibration, frequency, and in effect, psychic or intuitive information.

There has been studies which have medically proven that when presented with an emotionally charged image, the subjects heart reacted before the board has even been turned, so before their eyes had been given the chance to relay the picture to the brain.

Then, our mind takes time to catch up, by reacting with its own translation.

So, if a person’s heart centre is more open to psychic connection, you may find that this person is more likely to pick up on psychic information through feelings, rather than visual or aural sensations.

These people are often known as ‘empathic’

Point 5, your spiritual helpers, or your intuition, will get in touch in whatever way they can

We receive help and direction from our guides, and helpers, as they can see our life from a higher perspective. This is not to say that you are not in tune with them if you can’t hear or see them directly, you may notice ‘signs’ or coincidences, you may be drawn to a particular person, gathering or place.

You may simply have one of those ‘gut’ feelings that we were speaking about earlier.

Their journey runs parallel to your own, they will find a way of communication, so if you’re not really feeling to active psychic or spiritual development, you will still have this benefit within your life.

Psychic Development is a choice, not something that you must do to be deemed spiritual or enlightened. You are already a spiritual being, living your version of your physical existence.

(there can be a perceived hierarchy in spiritual circles, but everyone has their own path, and none is more important than another’s)

Point 6, Don’t think that you aren’t connected if things don’t go your way!

We are here to live a physical life, and to embrace all that comes with it.

It’s often said that we decide on our trials and learnings before we come here, and I have been given similar information.

When I asked my spirit guide why we would volunteer ourselves for hurtful or challenging situations, I was told that the hardest lives brought the greatest rewards.

Life is not about simply achieving goals, it’s about the learning along the way. If everything went perfectly to plan at all times, where would the interest be? The choice? The richness of experience?

Our intuition and guidance is always there, it’s just that we don’t always choose to listen, or we may be so involved with unimportant technicalities of life, that we miss it completely.

Learning to be intuitive or spiritually aware is simply about learning to create a space to listen, and react accordingly.


So, let’s recap on this very difficult to summarise subject!-

1- You are already a spiritual being

2- Everyone has the ability of psychic/intuitive/ spiritual communication

3- Your mind is like a radio transmitter which simply needs to be tuned to the desired frequency

4- Your brain is not your only ‘transmitter’/‘receiver’

5- Your spiritual helpers/guides will get in touch with you by whatever means they can

6- Don’t think that your life isn’t valuable simply because it doesn’t go to some kind of plan

Anyone can do this, honestly!

Remember, don’t try so hard,

you may find it’s easier to build a connection than you think


About the author

Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

Life Path Alignment & Symbolic Support with Cherianne

'An insight into your present to empower your future.'

She has an online intuitive school 'Catching Visions'

guiding conscious beings to expand their spirituality

and nuture their creative flow.

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