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How Energetic Symbols actually work

We live in a universe based on energetic frequencies, and vibration. Everyone and everything has an energetic body of a specific value.

This goes some way to explain why we live in a law of attraction based universe, as by nature, energetic vibration can attract, or repel, external elements of a similar or contrasting value. So your energetic body will attract those events, people, and occurrences which falls easily in line with itself.

Hence, our external reality is simply a mirror of our internal values.

The vibration of the symbol exists at an atomic level, determined by the different values of the shapes, curves, and weight of the lines, these assist in the slight variation of the vibrational frequencies of those within its vicinity.

The way symbols work for you:

The longer the symbol is within your vibrational field, the better.

The energy of the symbol and the person involves energy will gradually realign towards each other.

The timescale of the results will be determined by the person or place’s blocks to the desired outcome.

Many blocks can take longer to peel away. Simple blocks may dissolve or disperse immediately or within minutes.

Often, if a symbol has been consciously requested, it can be a sign that there are many blocks in place for this issue, and this is probably why it’s design has been requested for it’s support in the first place.

This more elaborate design, carries a vibration of a philosophical idea rather than a simple intention.

Although I am at home with my psychic authenticity, I find this pull to engulf myself in more extensive research, testing and use of symbology for healing, emotional and physical manifestation.

Forever a student of the metaphysical world, I have been invested in the manipulation of vibration for many years, but the urge to consciously work to an end using the power of symbology has led me to create more controlled situations, so that I can further my understanding of how my intuitive symbols affect the world around them.

The results have been powerful affirmative, to myself and to my wonderfully open hearted friends and acquaintances, who have been willing to live with glyphs that they have no knowledge of their meaning, and kindly aiding me in my ongoing research. A big thank you to all of those fantastic people!

These are exciting times!

I see future healing on a completely non-invasive and physically risk free level.

Where help can be projected towards others remotely, without the need for extensive trips or expense.

I can see the avenues opening up right now for great and powerful good.

I’m sure that many of you will be involved in these amazing applications!


About the author

Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

Life Path Alignment & Symbolic Support with Cherianne

'An insight into your present to empower your future.'

She has an online intuitive school 'Catching Visions'

guiding conscious beings to expand their spirituality

and nuture their creative flow.

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