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Journalling & timeless synchronicities

My present spirit helper guided me to an old journal, one from around seven years ago, and pointed out where I had written about a dream. It was so clear and affecting, I written a very detailed account of it the following morning.

Sometimes dreams are just that, too much coffee or chocolate, making your mind spin all kinds of things from your day together as your body sleeps off its physical exhaustion. But sometimes, and we often know instinctively when, our dreams offer a doorway to our higher self or a higher dimensional spirit to get their message through.

In this dream, I wandered around a stately home with concrete balustrades, it was very higgledy piggledy, and I went into a lesser used part of the house to see the view from the window.

Back in the present , the house in which I have my art studio is very much this picture, a stately home which is under renovation, with sections still unused and waiting for life. The balustrades are exact, and I often use my room in the house very early, and am usually the only one there in this extensive, beautiful property.

My room is at the front of the house, the one nearest on the top floor, next to the balustrade.

I clearly remembered the dream I had to this day, as I was reading my journal ; I was on the balustrade and decided to walk around the corner to see what a view would be from a window from a disused part of the building.

To the left of the picture you can see how you can actually walk around a corner on the balustrade, and see what would be the view from the side window.

In my journal, I said it was an old stone window, which looked like the sketch in the journal,

I think the shape of the window is similar enough! Especially given the other similarities. I also said it was a disused part of the building. The curved room on the top left of the picture is still needing refurbishment, and is presently derelict.

There were views over trees, and the gardens of where I work are beautiful. They act as a public park for the town in which I live.

I often poke my head into this disused room when I’m in the house alone, just to see it, it’s so atmospheric in its unusual shape.

When on the balustrade in my dream, I was trapped in the place I had wandered by a massive dark brown dog, and I had the realisation that this dog had always been there, waiting, or guarding this part of the house.

It was terrifying- not tame at all, almost feral.

I called out for my husband, but he didn’t come, and instead, one of my dogs came, Archer, my Great Dane. I shouted my husband louder and louder- Archer was one of those very stocky Danes, and a BIG boy, but he was dwarfed by this ferocious dog, and I thought he was in danger too.

I clearly remembered the dream I had to this day, as I was reading my journal ; I was on the balustrade and decided to walk around the corner to see what a view would be from a window from a disused part of the building

Over the last two days I have had warnings of a hidden threat in the house and in my studio, it has come out of the blue, (well I suppose I have been a little uneasy on occasion with the house being so big, and me being the only one there at the times I go to work, so maybe I have had some intuitive feelings of ‘anyone could be in here’ on occasion.

Because I have been led back to this old journal, I think the dog may be a manifestation of the threat that I’m being warned about now, my helpers trying to reinforce the need to not be there alone. I’m not scared of dogs, but I was petrified of this one, and Archer, who I would usually have been happy with as a protector, was obviously also intimidated.

My husband didn’t come to my calls, which he wouldn’t, seeing as he’s rarely at my studio with me.

Then in a lighter part of it there was two smaller dogs, one with black ears...

Presently I have two small dogs. Sadly, we lost Archer a couple of years ago. This is something I’d never had predicted, as we tended to have larger dogs in general, but sometimes events led to unexpected outcomes with our rescue’s!

One has black ears... at the time I would have thought of the dog in the dream as a kind of Spaniel. Our latest rescue Freya from Greece is a bit of a mystery to her breed, but looking at her copious amount of spots, she is quite reminiscent of our old Springer in markings and colouring. Along with her weaving energy spurts, maybe a dash of spaniel in her isn’t too far from the truth!


So, I think that the reason for this blog may be to help some of you realise that dreams do not always have to be ‘on the nose’ to be useful, credible, or predictive,

Re-reading where I was led to in my old journal has reinforced the messages that I’ve been receiving with regard to there being something a little amiss at my studio, exactly what I’m going to do about it I’m not sure yet, but I feel it's not to be ignored now I can see the connection to this dream I had. I do know that I have learnt from experience to never dismiss things which you have noticed or stand out to you, and to trust your feelings.

Sometimes awareness is all that is needed to avert an unpleasant or maybe threatening situation. There are so many roads of possibilities to serve your greater good, it could be the guidance to not let a golden opportunity pass you by...

In my next journal I will give you ways on

'how to power your dreamstate'!

About the author

Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

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