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Symbolic research - The colour red

If you follow my work, you will know that I have been connected and able to transcribe much information from other dimensional beings for many years now. I don’t feel it is my special gift- I absolutely know that we all have this capacity. I have actively studied and worked on this connection for around 20 years, and this goes some way in fine tuning how and in what detail you receive messages or downloads of information.

My work was primarily psychic art initially, creativity that nurtures intuitive and psychic flow, then when I began to use automatic journaling, the detail and information took on a new depth and clarity.

I was guided to symbology, but this too has developed exponentially over the course of the last year or so.

Although I did have a certain faith in the effects that symbology could inspire in people on a subconscious level, I was a bit reluctant to believe that my intuited symbols had any special depth or power in creating intentions.

In my questioning of this, I was told simply to ‘test them’.

So I did. And I have never been quite so blown away by the results I was documenting.


I approached willing volunteers to test simple symbols which I didn’t think would have too much of an effect on the general running of their normal lives. 

I asked to receive symbols which would be a good start-

This symbol has a vibration of -

‘I see red everywhere’

I was expecting that the subject would simply start to think that everything seemed to have a red element, noticing all red objects around them consistently, but it went so much deeper than this...

🌀 Feel free to screen shot this symbol, and keep it in your energetic vicinity, I would love to know your own experiences! 🌀


I experimented further with this symbol with two friends. It happened that both were very intuitive, and one was very, very artistic, so I made a note to try it out on someone not quite so connected the next time.

Both were given the symbols without any hint or knowledge of their meaning.

Both set the symbol as their screen saver on their mobile phones.

I’ll call my very intuitive friend Freya.

She immediately had a sense of the energetic value of the symbol, before even living with it!

I noted that balance is often associated with grounding, which can be actives in the root chakra, which resonates with the colour red. The ‘empowered action’ I thought was interesting, two attributes of the red colour vibration, power and an increase of energy.

But even more, the term ‘ a considered way.’ suggests that the actions being encouraged are grounded and based on active consideration, which also feels very aligned with root chakra values.

Your root chakra, which, as I’ve noted, vibrates with the colour red, helps with support, stability, safety and grounding, so it would follow that having this red vibration in your energetic space would create a more settled and deeper sleep.

However, i was sent this message after Freya knew the meaning of the symbol, so not as controlled as I’d have liked, but it was still an effect which I didn’t predict in any way, so very interesting.


I was startled at the depth and diversity of the different attributes which surfaced when even being with this symbol for 24 hours.

We’ll call my second friend Cleo, she is the artist.

Now, Cleo although being very sensitive, has never really come across as directly psychic, but i found that she too had a direct and immediate feeling with the symbols I began to send her.

I don’t think this would happen in every case, and didn’t on later occasions in my friends who were a little less spiritually aware, but the effects were just as apparent, just not as immediate, often taking a day or so to begin to manifest.

I have explained in my course on ‘symbolic manifestation’ how the time taken to produce a noticeable effect depends on the difference on the vibrational scale between the subject and the symbol. I go into more details regarding the workings of this technique, but for the purpose of these blogs, I’m looking at more of a research log and share, rather than a detailed ‘how to’.

My friend did, indeed, dye her hair red from blonde! And further went on to make it brighter because she felt it wasn’t red enough!

In both cases, there was an increase in energy, and productivity, to a level where they both almost felt an overwhelm to what they were creating and doing.

These results demonstrated to me very early on, that the effects of my channelled symbols were by no means subtle, and were way more extensive than I first imagined they would be.

I decided that I would look deeper into possible outcomes of the symbols I was creating and testing, given the way more diverse effects to their presence than anticipated!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peephole into my work,

I will be posting more of my reports on the effects

of different types of symbols very soon!


About the author

Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

Psychic symbolic support with Cherianne

'An insight into your present to empower your future.'

She has an online intuitive school 'Catching Visions'

guiding conscious beings to expand their spirituality

and nuture their creative flow.

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