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The Basis of the specific Symbology by Cherianne

- this information is channelled and written directly from the journals of Cherianne.

My Symbology is my love language between my extensive energetic self and my physical embodiment, and is also the love language between my physical self and those whom I can assist with this tool

My symbols are tools derived from higher energies to help and embrace people in their physical life.

As such, they are an angelic form of healing and aid.

Angelic energy is a force from a more expanded place/ perspective which exists and thrives with the (giving of) aid and expansion of less enlightened beings on the physical plane.

Angels are not ‘almighty’ they are props or supports in everyday life.

Becoming when needed, and dissipating when resolve is  near.

A physical person can act as an angelic presence to another within the confines of (this) description.


I am a body of love light and happiness, and I spread this to all of those around me

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