The Understanding of Miracles

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

'Miracles are naturally woven into the fabric of everyday life, it is our true belief in them and our acceptance to see them, which is the more rare occurrence here.’ - Aurum

Miracles are simply energetic alignments which are unexpected, and which you perceive to be of a positive nature.

Miracles happen every second of every day.

Our being, or life, our surroundings are all interlinked in a intricate web of situations and events. Everything contributes - the weather, the food we’ve eaten that day, the people we meet and how we find them, our conditioned beliefs up to that point in chronological time, the list goes on…

Everything matters, everything combines to form reality.

This network of energetic vibrations and frequencies are complex, to say the least, but when two energetic flows coincide, interact, that intersection is where magic can happen. When two intentions flow concurrently, or maybe more, in a wave of unseen combined power, this is where the miraculous can be born.

We are a miracle of creation in our own right, and all occurrences are dependent on so many variables, that how can anything, even the smallest outcome, not be perceived as miraculous.

If we were hungry, and we unexpectedly found food, this would be something we would see as a blessing, or a stroke of luck. A minor miracle of sorts.

But, consider, does a bird worry where it’s next feed is coming from? Or does it simply feel hunger, and go and look for what it needs.

Does an antelope worry about being attacked by a lion? Or does it live in bliss, trusting it’s physical chemical make up to release the adrenaline it needs to escape when, or even if, the event occurs.

Do otters consider and fret about the future security of their home? Or do they simply repair damage when and if it’s needed.


We, in our present make up, and our future intention, are the integral component of the creation of what we perceive to be the reality of our existence.

If we see miracles as something that is rare, or happen to other people, then that’s exactly what will happen.

But, if we can recognise the complexity and rarity of any event taking place, and, as such, perceive all aspects of life as miraculous, then we open our minds and hearts to these exceptional, unexpected experiences, and will be showered with them as easily and softly as the rain falls in spring, or as the trees release and let go of their spent leaves in autumn.

Set the intention to open yourself up in being a channel for the natural, energetic flows of universal love, support and joy, and that is exactly what you will attract.

Having said that, I am not a person who thinks that by wanting this reality, you can simply live it,

You can rather, reinforce your life to flow in that direction.

Other factors are at play, the actions and intentions of others will also flow through you and around you, especially if you are in their vicinity for much of your day, or on a regular basis, or even if your mind is regularly on them for any length of time.

The energetic memory and vibration of your surroundings are a huge factor in your experience, this is the basis by which the ancient art of Feng Shui is built on.

Not all is controllable in your life at any one time.

But, it helps to believe the odds in your favour, and also give respect for the journey your soul signed up for in this present timeline, and know that all experience will contribute to your higher purpose. By giving you the opportunity to choose how to act, and how to use these experiences in developing qualities which may further serve you in your future.

Everything matters,

all is the truth of our lives, in simplicity, in adversity,

and, equally, in the making of miracles.

About the author

Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

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