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'To briefly introduce myself, I'm Cherianne Dawn and have been a practicing psychic artist and sacred tattooist for 20 years.

In this time I have consciously developed a connection with my higher mind, other inter-dimensional guides, and in honing my skill at translating intention through cosmic symbolic language.

These channelled vibrational alignments serve to gradually recalibrate energy to be more inline with their own,  providing a practical and effortless way of effectively supporting your everyday life.'


  • These symbolic alignments serve to gradually recalibrate energy to be more inline with their own energetic purpose, providing a practical and effortless way of positively aligning with and positively working through your everyday life.
  •  This involves remotely looking into your energy after contacting me and channelling the most effective alignments and their intentions in your reading
  • My channeling is done remotely as my connection is clearer this way.

  • These will be a personally aligned collection of symbols or one larger more involved alignment
  • The drawings will be on handmade paper with embellished graphite, which is in itself a powerful conductive element.
  • I finish by activating the alignments through a bespoke energy clearing practice to carve the way for the symbols to perform their magic. This clears and embeds the symbol fully into the energetic field efficiently for each channelled piece. In this I will energetically clear the entire space and all elements, followed by infusing the graphite drawing with high vibrational energy. Any resistance to the benefits of the symbol will be addressed, and unblocked from your vibrational field. After completion, the symbol will be activated using crystal or light energy, as appropriate.
  •  The channelled reading will also be included, along with a simple guide on how to allow your symbols to best serve you, for example; the symbol works most effectively in a place where it will spend the most time within your vibrational field.
  •  Please drop me a message so I can support you with what your intentions and wishes are. 
  •  Includes free digital artwork, from cosmic alignment  'A Path to a Life Less Ordinary' 

Full Cosmic Alignment Reading | Embellished Graphite on Handmade Paper

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