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'The Art of Intuitive Symbology'
- A homage to a lost language of energetic vibration & it's practical application' 
- By Cherianne Dawn


"My Symbology is a love language between my extensive energetic self and my physical embodiment, and is also the love language between myself and those whom I can assist with this tool. It is a gift derived from higher energies to help and embrace people in their physical life."

- Cherianne Dawn


"It is a truly unique journey and comprehensive guide through her extraordinary discoveries and life changing experiences in investigating the art of intuitive symbology."

- The Monomyth Collective


- A 100 page book, that features an indepth introduction to understanding symbology, practical methods of how to use energetic symbols, and includes photo illustrations, with many examples of intuited alignments taken from the pages of Cherianne's journals.
- Book Chapters:
How Symbols and Sigils work
Practical, Living Magick at work
Gradual Alignment and Remote Healing
Channelled Information to Clarify the Creation & Application of Symbolic Intention
Creating Sigils - The Word Method* - The Pictorial Method* - The Mantrical Spell Method*
Self-Trust & Connection  - The Intuitive Method
Connecting to your Intuition
Sigil/Symbology work - Your Personal Log
Application Inspiration
Environment Support
Neo-Shamanic Tattooing
The Angelic Connection

The Art of Intuitive Symbology | Illustrated Digital Edition Book

  • Upon purchase you will be sent via email the book PDF download confirmation link.

    Please message if you need any further information.


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