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A universal symbol for the 'Hero's Journey' or 'Monomyth'. An energetic compass along the circle of our physical life experience, one of self discovery, challenges and triumphs. The script of the play we create can be based on and mirrored by the perspectives of others around us, but the greatest opportunities in our life arise from our own self belief. The courage to partake in an adventure that only you yourself can realise.
We become driven not by the destination, but the opportunity of enlightening mystery, of what we find ourself along the way, to become the hero of our own story.


'To briefly introduce myself, I'm Cherianne Dawn and have been a practicing psychic artist and sacred tattooist for 20 years.


In this time I have consciously developed a connection with my higher mind, other inter-dimensional guides, and in honing my skill at translating intention through cosmic symbolic language.


These channelled vibrational alignments serve to gradually recalibrate energy to be more inline with their own,  providing a practical and effortless way of effectively supporting  your everyday life.'


- A4 print on A3 mount board


- Includes free digital artwork, from cosmic alignment painting 'A Path to a Life Less Ordinary' by Cherianne

The Hero's Journey Symbol | Universal Energetic Alignment | A4 Print

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