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Intuitive Art - Sumi-E Ink Wash - By Cherianne Dawn


""My Symbology... is a love language between my extensive energetic self and my physical embodiment, and is also the love language between myself and those whom I can assist with this tool. It is a gift derived from higher energies to help and embrace people in their physical life." - Cherianne Dawn."


Cosmic Symbology Readings



A cosmic symbology reading involves remotely looking into your energy and channelling the most effective personal alignment symbols for you.


They serve to gradually recalibrate energy to be more inline with their own, effectively supporting you in an ongoing way through your everyday life

The alignments are drawn, either by embellished graphite artwork on handmade paper or sent as digital art to support you in various ways -  to be printed, displayed or set as a screensaver.


The channelled meanings of the symbols will also be included with a simple guide on how to allow this vibrational alignment tool to best serve you. This works most efficiently in a place where it will spend the most time within your energetic field, or on your skin as a tattoo.


Animistic Ink

The origins of tattooing practice are seated in times of the most ancient cultures and existed as a tool for direct healing and personal growth. It was born to be an aid in your well-being, and support on your journey.

This is a sacred and conscious practice, where every element - from the design, the recipient's intention, and artist's energy - all have a harmonious part to play in the profound vibrational value of the finished piece. 


The act of tattooing will imprint my symbolic alignments within your energetic field at a cellular level, so it does not need to be large, or even within your view. They act as a portal to magnify specific energetic outcomes or ways of being, becoming active within your own energy field. 

With years of experience spanning the realms of sacred tattoo art and spiritual development, I feel privileged to infuse these timeless elements in the art of a Neo-Shamanic practice at my studios I call 'Animistic Ink'.

Tailored Symbolic Artwork: Energise your environment 

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The Hero's Journey (Alignment Symbol) - By Cherianne Dawn
Cosmic Symbology Alignment Art / Wall Hanging -  Room Design / Feng Shui / Home /Business - Cherianne Dawn
Cosmic Symbology ChannelledAlignment Art / Wall Hanging / Paper on Canvas -  Room Design / Feng Shui / Home /Business - Cherianne Dawn
Cosmic Symbology Alignment Art / Wall Hanging -  Room Design / Feng Shui / Home /Business - Cherianne Dawn
Cosmic Symbology Alignment Art - Room Design / Business / Feng Shui - Cherianne Dawn
Cosmic Symbology Alignment Art / Wall Hanging -  Room Design / Feng Shui / Home /Business - Cherianne Dawn

"Everyone Has Their Own Colour"


The Intuitive Artist (Course Programme) - By Cherianne Dawn

Catching Visions: Art School

Catching Visions is a consciousness and science-based educational platform for personal growth. Cherianne has developed course programs and workshops to help you further attune to your higher intuitive potential.


Through transformational courses that are specifically designed to best connect you with this gift, a navigation system we all possess. Our intuition can often be an untapped resource, and is our inner awareness that provides the simple answers when we question our way forward , and optimally aligned with our self truth.

For access to Cherianne's free guides, and life changing course programmes please visit:


Unlock your potential

'I naturally connect through my art. You don't have to be what is perceived as being ‘good’ at art for this, as by nature, artistic practices put you in the present, and this harnesses your awareness.


This is where potential is unlocked. 

I also like to use intuitive journaling, E.F.T., meditation, frequency music, or whatever combination suits your best interests and brings you joy. 


I am by nature a very grounded person. I love nothing more than using my connection with symbology to find avenues of unlocked potential within people’s homes, businesses and in general life. 

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