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"The inner sense of self purpose is a beautiful thing to uncover and embrace, through using the power of your ink to raise your consciousness, and your vibration."

Energy Aligning Tattoos


In my journey as a tattoo artist, I've delved into the ancient roots of this sacred practice, tracing its origins back to the dawn of civilisation. Tattoos weren't just ink on skin; they were tools for healing and personal growth, crafted to support individuals on their unique paths.


For me, tattooing is an energetic and conscious endeavour.


Every aspect – from the design, to the recipient's intention, to the energy of the artist – contributes to the profound vibrational essence of the finished piece. Each tattoo created carries symbolic alignments that resonate at a cellular level, transcending mere visual representation. These symbols, no matter how small or hidden, amplify specific vibrational frequencies, having an integral and harmonious part to play in the recipient's energetic field.


Drawing from years of experience in sacred tattoo art and spiritual development, this integrates timeless elements in healing modality and supportive energy to my studio practice. I've embraced the ethos of 'Energy Aligning Tattooing', infusing each design with intention and reverence.


It's a magical practice, and another facet to share in the exploration of Cosmic Vibrational Symbology.

Working alongside Koti, one of my artists, over the last 9 years of our spiritual journey, I decided to train her in the practice that I had developed.


Her ability and aptitude for translating the core meanings of my symbolic alignments, means she is perfect for this service at my studio, and in helping to bring this beautiful practice to light .


- Cherianne Dawn



Energy Aligning Tattoos

Universal Cosmic Alignment Symbol

  • A universal channelled symbolic alignment that will bring specific intentional energetic support.

  • Approximately a two-hour appointment.

  • A part of the 'Energy Aligning' practice involves Attunementwhich honours, clears and embeds the vibrational energy of the symbol efficiently for each channelled piece.

  • This involves a bespoke energy clearing to carve the way for the symbols to effectively perform their purpose. 

  • After completion, the symbol will be activated using crystal or light energy, as appropriate, to create the most expansive and effective outcome.

  • The alignment symbol for your chosen intention will be up to approximately 10cm. 

  • Additional alignments or larger sizes, will be individually priced depending on size, complexity, and placement.

  • Message via the contact enquiries form to arrange an appointment at my studio. 




What exactly is a symbolic vibrational alignment?

Everything in life is made up of particles, these all carry their own unique signature, frequency, and vibrational value. These are not exactly the same when they interact with all individuals, as everybody has their own energetic signature. It's who we are, and what we're made up of. 

For example, a 'high vibrational food' could be an organic orange. It nourishes your body on many levels. But if you are sensitive to citrus, then that may cease to bring you benefits to your unique system, it becomes something that may pull your vibration lower, rather than bring it higher. Some music may resonate with a person's energy to bring elation, excitement, or a happy feeling - but the same music may be unbearable to others, creating irritation.


All shapes, subjects, and colours hold a vibrational value to you. A symbolic alignment of a certain kind may resonate with some and not others, whereas some may act similarly with the majority of people. 


A symbol is a set of values, lines, and shapes. These patterns will draw your personal energy to gradually align with the energy of the symbol.

What is my energetic body?

Human beings are made up of complex energy systems which interact and co-exist with the physical, cellular systems. These energetic systems vibrate at higher frequencies than our physical bodies, and because they hold different frequencies to one another, the energetic bodies exist happily in the same space as the physical body. Similar to how a WIFI signal and a radio signal can present together without affecting each other. Together, these systems create an electromagnetic field that accounts for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human beings as a whole. 

How long do they take to have an effect?

They will take effect immediately, but the amount of time for you to notice the changes depends on how far away your energy is from being in line with the intention. I have experienced confirmational phone calls as I'm drawing them out before, as I have the person's energy in my thoughts as I work - to them taking weeks to be noticed and longer to have exactly the desired effect. Quite often, results don't show up exactly how we expect them to, so can take certain things to play out fully to realise the shift. From experience, intentions dealing with emotional or mindset shifts work much quicker than physicalities but not in all cases.

What makes having a tattoo so effective?

The symbols need to be within your vibratory field to have an effect on you. For example, where you sleep or spend a lot of time sitting. A tattoo is within your vibrational field 24/7 and changes you at a cellular level to include the alignment with no further effort from yourself. A tattoo is for life, and because of this, I feel that intentions that support you in a life-long way suit tattooing better than immediate gratification. 

Will the tattoo affect another person if they spend a lot of time with me?

A 'universal symbol' is not only beneficial to the individual but will also expand to the people you spend a lot of time with, as it is also in their vibrational field. However, personal alignments will serve to benefit others in your energy field through the positive changes in you, but not through directly affecting their energy.

What if the tattoo doesn't heal well?

Although it can be retouched for the sake of aesthetics, it will still hold its intentional value, as your energy has been changed at a cellular level, simply through the act of tattooing the symbol. In a similar way, the benefits can still be felt if the tattoo is placed discreetly, so as not to be seen, or done with a white/skin-coloured ink to be less noticeable. Your symbols can also be incorporated into a design that is more tailored to your tastes with regard to the style of the line, or additional design elements. As long as the symbols' original form is complete within the design, the flow of energy will not be interrupted. 

Can you release the energy of the symbol once it has been tattooed?

The energy could potentially be blocked by additional alignment, but it would be unlikely this would ever be called for, as the alignment itself is designed to have a positive influence on your life. If your energetic value changes for any reason, for example, by it creating a positive shift in mindset or circumstances, then the design may no longer serve its purpose, and so becomes obsolete. In this case, it would have a similar effect in your energetic field to have an alignment that was designed for someone else and only serves as a reminder or decoration.

This is more likely to be the case if an intention was requested, for example, if somebody wanted more confidence, and achieves that goal to their satisfaction, then the symbol has done its work and is no longer really active. If however due to external circumstances, their confidence drops again, the alignment will kick back in to realign their energetic system - becoming active again.

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