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‘I am strong in my physical body’

I have been experiencing challenges with my physical body recently, and inadvertently came across this entry in an old journal.

It seemed apt- I think it is easy to forget the connection between spiritual and physical wellbeing when you are actively involved in your everyday life.

Thought others may find elements of this helpful, so here’s my share today 🫶

Personally, I love to use channelled affirmations, like the ones mentioned here, as tapping scripts for E.F.T, if this is a process that you are unaware of, I highly recommend taking time to learn a bit more about it, I have found it invaluable in my life.

‘Take time to prepare and enjoy food and drink. Bless them before consuming

Be aware and grateful of your physical body, each element and the whole connection to spirit and source energy.

Use your brain, it is the easiest tool to manipulate life.

Use your life for adventure and good deeds

Live, love, be happy

Thrive and prosper in gratitude and awareness.

Bring about change to grow your spiritual identity and physical manifestations of this in real time.


I am strong in my physical body

I am strong in my commitment to enjoy life

I am strong in my resolution of creating the best life possible

I am strong in my awareness of how I am  personally able to change things for good

I am strong in deed and thought

I act with honour and reap rewards

I help those who are less aware and aspire to those who are more

I am enough’

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