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We are all artists of our own life

Everyone is connected to higher guidance.

Everyone is spiritual.

Everyone is intuitive.

Everyone is an artist.

What I have discovered over years of practicing art and also spiritual development, is that these are by no means mutually exclusive.

I worked as a custom tattoo artist for many years, and this work put me square in the energetic body of my clients. This work can be difficult for those who are very sensitive to energies, and creative people often are an open channel to anything and anyone on a vibrational level for long periods of time.

It can be draining, and rewarding, but both outcomes can result in an overbearing amount of energetic input from those around you, which can build over time to manifest itself in overwhelm, or even physical illness.

I created a full angelic back piece once, completely intuitively, that was how I mostly worked. The bare bones and placement of the design were always planned, but the detailing and shading were always done in a very free-flow way.

I completed the work, and my client looked as best he could in a mirror (mobile phones were not a thing then!) and off he went very happy with his ink.

He came back for another piece of work a few months later, and went on to tell me of all of the comments he’d had of how amazing it was to have a portrait of his wife as an angel on his back, and what a good likeness it was!

Luckily, he was really happy about this, but I had never met his wife, and had no clue what she looked like!

Another time, I designed another angel, this time it was part of a sleeve, one of a few different subjects which the client had requested to be put together.

I did the design, which he loved, and we did the tattoo. The facial features of the angel slightly distorted due to the placement, not in a bad way, but just enough to alter the proportions of the face slightly.

He was absolutely delighted that the finished piece ended up looking exactly like his mum! Apparently, the different elements of the design were for different people, and she was there for his mum. Knowing that people often see what they want to see in images, I didn't really think too much about it.

However, a couple of weeks later, his mum actually came in for an appointment herself, and I was absolutely dumbfounded! The features which had changed in the curve of the tattoo placement was the feature which completely made the face look EXACTLY like her!

I couldn’t have done it from a photograph any better!

These kind of things have happened consistently over my career, but these two instances illustrate the main point I’d like to make-

The first angel was created BEFORE I was actively involved in any spiritual practice, and the second, years later, after sitting in a developmental group for many years, and practicing intentional psychic art on a regular basis.


Art is simply an expression which comes from ‘self’, a creation.

We are creative beings by nature, we create automatically and subconsciously. We can all express ourselves in so many different ways, and all are valid forms of creation, from an idea, a meal, to a sculpture.

We are all the artists of our own life.

And, Artists connect at a spiritual level, whether they realise it or not.

Art is simply an expression which comes from ‘self’, a creation.

We are creative by nature, we create automatically and subconsciously. We can all express ourselves in so many different ways, and all are valid forms of creation, from an idea, a meal, to a sculpture.

We are all the artists of our own life.

Connection on an energetic level, is virtually the same as in a spiritually aware level, and everyone has no choice but to connect energetically- we are, after all, energetic beings.

Therefore everyone is connected at a spiritual level, especially when their energetic body is directly in the vicinity of another’s. (Think in terms of radio interference, like when more than one transmission interrupts the other)

When at college, I produced several painted images in a very short time, using silk screens and a brush for the printing inks, the speed of the ink drying meant that I had to work quickly, and what I now know to be intuitively, with little time for thought or deliberation. These images mainly involved primal looking figures with horses and head dresses.

Years later, I was aware of my native Indian guide Lone Eagle, who has been with me from a child in relation to my artwork.

After uncovering these images again in an old folder, I was shocked to recognise many elements which I could relate to my now more extensive knowledge of my guide, and I came to the same conclusion as I illustrated earlier.

I had no knowledge of any kind of spiritual journey I may have been on at this point, I really didn’t know anything about guides, spirit, or inter-dimensional communication.

But I still channelled my guide, probably in the only way he felt he was able to get through at that point.


Your helpers will find a way to communicate to you, you do not need to be special, or practice psychic advancement, or go to someone who can channel, but you could see or get a feeling that can prompt you towards acting on something.

These things can be useful, especially at points when you get confused with the direction your life is taking, but- intuitively you are a good enough judge all on your own.

Just take a breath, listen to music, dance, enjoy a glass of wine, do whatever relaxes your mind into just being, because it’s through this submission to the present moment that you will automatically download the limitless help and guidance that you have access to.

Artists channel information, their imagination is a window to other dimensions, times, or perspectives.

Random doodles are not always meaningless scribbles of an overactive hand,

Fictitious stories can have a foot in an unknown reality, one which may not even be in the creators own timeline.

Poets can be prophets...

And artists,

whether they consider themselves to actually be an artist

or not,

can hold the key to opening the mysteries of the universe.


About the author

Cherianne Dawn is a psychic artist and symbolist, and aims to use her gifts to teach and inspire.

Life Path Alignment & Symbolic Support with Cherianne

'An insight into your present to empower your future.'

She has an online intuitive school 'Catching Visions'

guiding conscious beings to expand their spirituality

and nuture their creative flow.

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